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►  EsCoSporTec®
A new fact of individual sport orthotics technology.
►  EsCoSporTec®
protects the foot against overload.
►  EsCoSporTec®
increases the effort.

STOP the foot stress!

Sportec for Tennis, Hand- and Basketball Sportec for running Sportec for Golf Sportec for Skiing / Skating Sportec for Footballer Sportec for Aerobic Sportec for Nordic Walking


Forefoot cushion and forefoot pad:
Supports the transversal arch and
absorbs during the flexing action
by means of a special

Base of the Metatarsal V:
Here the foot is very sensitive
against pressure and is
protected by a special

Heel pad:
Absorbs the pressure while
stepping on with the heel
by up to 35 %.

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